Guagge which stands for “Genuine Upgrade Achieving Global Goals Effectively” is an online connecting platform for finding event vendors close to you. A product of Guagge Events and Ushering Agency which is the Second member of Guagge Group. 
Guagge is registered to the Cooperate Affairs Commission of Nigeria with Business Number 3510683 runed  by the visionary Chairman of Guagge Group Alex Wilson Udoh. 
Guagge Group has other businesses under its wing, Guagge Fashion Home, Guagge Events/ Ushering Agency, Wilson Obot Farms Ltd, Wilsondecreator at the moment.
Our Vision for Guagge is to create an archive of event locations and events service providers around us, while teaching and growing with the proper business discipline:  thereby providing easy accesss to vendors close to us and beyond.

Mission & Vision Statement

Mission Statement:

1. Accessibility Nationwide: Guagge is on a mission to make event planning accessible to every corner of Nigeria.
2. Empowering Small Businesses: We are dedicated to supporting small businesses in the hospitality industry by providing them with the right resources and knowledge they need to thrive.
3. Seamless Connections: Our platform aims to create a seamless connection between vendors and clients, transforming events into memorable experiences.
4. Improved lifestyle : With easy connections, seamless event management and efficient vendors, guagge is set to introduce a life changing style of doing events

Vision Statement:

1. A Celebratory Nigeria: Guagge envisions a future where every event, regardless of its scale, is a celebration of connection and joy.
2. Empowered Hospitality Businesses: We strive to see small businesses in the hospitality industry equipped with the resources needed for growth, contributing to the vibrancy of Nigeria’s event culture.
3. Catalyst for Growth/Networking : Through our commitment to accessibility and support, we aspire to be the catalyst for an increased clientele, fostering a tapestry of successful and unforgettable events nationwide and creating and network of like minds in business.
4. Employment for all: Through our system of job delivery, we plan to provide a job opportunity for all: both career professionals and entrepreneurs.
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