Our Clients/Vendors Agreement

Client Agreement

1. Service Charge for Clients:
   – Clients are required to pay a service charge of 3 percent for vendors booked through Guagge.
   – Guagge ensures that the vendors deliver services at the highest possible quality, offering clients a reliable and top-notch experience.
   – Guagge through their manager always assign to any vendor, will monitor and ensure that vendors deliver services meeting or exceeding client expectations.
4. Dispute Resolution:
   – In case of any disputes between clients and vendors, Guagge will mediate to find a fair and timely resolution.
   – Clients can rely on Guagge’s support to address any issues that may arise during or after the service.
5. Transparent Pricing:
   – Guagge guarantees transparent pricing, and clients will only be charged the agreed-upon amount.
   – Any additional charges must be mutually agreed upon by both the client and the vendor.
6. Payment Security:
   – Clients’ payments are securely processed by Guagge.
   – Guagge ensures that clients’ financial information is handled with the utmost confidentiality and security.
7. Timely Payments:
   – Clients can trust that vendors will be paid promptly upon successful completion of the job.
   – Guagge commits to processing payments within a reasonable timeframe to maintain a smooth business flow.
8. Feedback Mechanism:
   – Clients are encouraged to provide feedback on vendors’ performance.
   – Guagge uses client feedback to continuously improve its services and to assist other clients in making informed decisions.
9. Cancellation Policy:
   – Guagge has a clear cancellation policy in place, outlining the terms and conditions for canceling a service.
   – Clients should familiarize themselves with the cancellation policy to avoid any inconveniences.
10. Insurance Coverage:
    – Clients can have peace of mind as vendors are required to carry liability insurance.
    – In case of any damages or accidents, the vendor’s insurance will cover the costs, ensuring client protection.
11. Satisfaction Guarantee:
    – Guagge stands behind the services provided by its vendors and offers a satisfaction guarantee.
    – If clients are not satisfied with the service, Guagge will work to find a suitable resolution.
12. Communication Channels:
    – Clients are encouraged to use Guagge’s official communication channels for all interactions with vendors.
    – This ensures transparency and traceability of communication for both clients and vendors.
13. Job Monitoring:
    – Guagge provides tools for clients to monitor the progress of the job in real-time.
    – Clients can stay informed and have visibility into the status of the services they’ve booked.
14. Exclusive Promotions:
    – Clients may receive exclusive promotions or discounts on services booked through Guagge.
    – These promotions aim to provide added value to clients and enhance their overall experience.
15. Data Privacy:
    – Guagge prioritizes client data privacy and complies with all relevant data protection regulations.
    – Clients’ personal and payment information is handled securely and with the utmost confidentiality.
16. Service Customization:
    – Clients have the flexibility to customize services according to their specific needs and preferences.
    – Guagge supports a tailored approach to ensure client satisfaction.
17. Regular Updates:
    – Clients will receive regular updates on the status of their booked services.
    – This communication helps clients stay informed and ensures a transparent service delivery process.
18. Emergency Support:
    – Guagge provides emergency support services in case of unforeseen issues during service delivery.
    – Clients can reach out to Guagge for assistance in urgent situations.
19. Community Engagement:
    – Clients are encouraged to participate in forums or feedback sessions to share their experiences.
    – This engagement fosters a sense of community and allows clients to contribute to the improvement of the platform.
20. Educational Resources:
    – Guagge offers clients educational resources and guides to help them make informed decisions when booking services.
    – These resources may include tips, best practices, and FAQs to enhance the client experience.
These policies are designed to ensure a positive and seamless experience for clients using the Guagge platform.

Vendors Agreement

1. Payment Terms:
   – Vendors are required to complete the job and must be able to work with 60% of the agreed amount.
   – The full payment should be made within 24 hours after the job is successfully completed.
2. Refund Policy:
   – In the event of vendor disappointments, vendors must refund 100% of the 60% payment received.
3. Service Charge:
   – Guagge charges a service fee of 5% of the agreed amount for all jobs.
   – This service charge will be automatically deducted from the total amount sent to the vendor.
4. Fund Security:
   – Guagge collects 100% of the agreed amount from the client.
   – Vendors can rest assured that their funds are secure, and Guagge will facilitate timely and accurate payments.
5. Communication and Accountability:
   – Vendors are expected to maintain open communication with clients and provide updates on the job progress.
   – Vendors must be accountable for the quality of their services.
6. Dispute Resolution:
   – In case of disputes between clients and vendors, Guagge will mediate and strive to find a fair resolution.
7. Code of Conduct:
   – Vendors are expected to adhere to a professional code of conduct when engaging with clients through Guagge.
   – Any violation may result in penalties or termination of the vendor’s account.
8. Ratings and Reviews:
   – Clients can provide ratings and reviews for vendors, creating a transparent and reliable feedback system.
9. Logistics and Transportation:
   – Vendors are responsible for their transportation and logistics to and from the job location.
   – Any additional transportation or equipment costs incurred during the job should be mutually agreed upon beforehand.
10. Insurance and Liability:
    – Vendors must carry their own liability insurance to cover any damages or accidents that may occur during the job.
    – Guagge is not liable for any incidents, and vendors are encouraged to have proper insurance coverage.
11. Health and Safety:
    – Vendors must adhere to health and safety regulations during job execution.
    – Guagge reserves the right to assess and suspend vendors who fail to comply with safety standards.
12. Work Schedule and Timeliness:
    – Vendors are expected to adhere to agreed-upon schedules and timelines for job completion.
    – Repeated delays or failure to meet deadlines may result in penalties or account suspension.
13. Quality Assurance:
    – Vendors must provide services of high quality and in accordance with industry standards.
    – Guagge may conduct quality assessments to ensure customer satisfaction.
14. Communication Channels:
    – Vendors should use Guagge’s official communication channels for client interactions.
    – Any attempt to bypass the platform for communication may lead to account suspension.
15. Training and Skill Development:
    – Vendors are encouraged to invest in continuous training and skill development to enhance their services.
    – Guagge may provide resources or partner with training institutions to facilitate skill improvement.
16. Environmental Responsibility:
    – Vendors must adhere to environmentally friendly practices during their services.
    – Any violation of environmental policies may result in penalties or account suspension.
17. Conflict Resolution:
    – Guagge will mediate in case of disputes between vendors and clients.
    – Both parties are encouraged to resolve conflicts amicably, and repeated conflicts may lead to account review.
18. Transparent Pricing:
    – Vendors should provide clear and transparent pricing details for their services.
    – Any hidden fees or pricing discrepancies may result in penalties or account suspension.
19. Customer Feedback Integration:
    – Vendors are encouraged to use customer feedback to improve their services.
    – Guagge may provide mechanisms for vendors to respond to and address customer feedback.
20. Vendor Community Engagement:
    – Vendors are encouraged to participate in forums or events organized by Guagge to foster a sense of community.
    – This engagement can include sharing best practices, networking, and learning from other vendors.
21. Non-Discrimination Policy:
    – Vendors must not discriminate based on race, gender, religion, or any other protected characteristic.
    – Guagge has a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination, and violations may result in account termination.
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